Why us?

      Born from 60 year old local company,
      Sydney B Scotts, Scott's Crispy Onions
      was created five years ago and has since
      become a innovative supplier of flavoured crispy
      onions. Here's a few reasons why we are special;
          - We have loyal, long running relationships
          with suppliers, ensuring we receive
          the sweetest and best quality onions available.
          - We are experts in local fresh produce and
          have three generations of knowledge behind us.
          - We hand-peel, season and cook our
          onions so we can guarantee the quality of the
          - Our crispy onions contain no artificial
          colours or preservatives.
          - All of our 90g trays have a 5 month shelf-life
          - We use rapeseed oil to cook our onions,
          meaning they contain less than
          half the fat than those made with olive oil.
          Low in saturated fat and high in monounsaturated
          fats, rapeseed oil is a key source of Omega 3,
          containing around ten times more than olive oil.
          - We are the first company in the UK & Ireland (yes
          the very first) to make crispy onions available on
          retailers shelves.